Kinder Piratenschiff
Piratenschiff am Strand

Holiday park HavelbergeJoin the adventure of Havelberge

Adventure holiday – Join the place where children's dreams come true and the great entertainment team take you on unforgettable journey...

Once like the Native Americans stay in the Tipi, sit at the camp fire and bake bread, in the evening participate in a creepy ghost hike through the forest, become an actor or pirate and perhaps create your own stage design. Crafting, playing and painting, even if the weather is not so good ... and so much more....

The kid`s entertainment program makes children's hearts beat faster. Tournaments, council games and competitions take place, even without mum and dad. The canoeists also take young Havelberg guests on a safe canoe trip. At the Woblitzsee or the bathing pond with the sandy beach and pirate ship is wonderful bathing, raging and playing. Make friends the easy way!

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Genauer gesagt, wir machen das moderne Urlaubscamping, an dem Sie so viel Spaß haben. Die Leading Campings sind ein Zusammenschluss von derzeit 32 Spitzencampings in ganz Europa.

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