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Welcome to the adventures Havelberge

The main part of the entertainment program takes place at the Havelberge camping and holiday park.

Adventure holidays – Join the place where children's dreams come true and the great entertainment team take you on unforgettable journey...Once like the Native Americans stay in the Tipi, sit at the camp fire and bake bread, in the evening participate in a creepy ghost hike through the forest, become an actor or pirate and perhaps create your own stage design. Crafting, playing and painting, even if the weather is not so good ... and so much more...

The kid`s entertainment program makes children's hearts beat faster. Tournaments, council games and competitions take place, even without mum and dad. The canoeists also take young Havelberg guests on a safe canoe trip. At the Woblitzsee or the bathing pond with the sandy beach and pirate ship is wonderful bathing, raging and playing. Make friends in the easy way!

It’s Showtime

The evening activities take place on our show stage. It is located in front of the restaurant Havelberge. Take a seat or maybe take part in the shows. The creative entertainment team surprises our guests every year with new ideas and shows. Be there when bands give concerts or the entertainment team shows sketches, of course professionally performed.

Dance and laugh. We are happy when our guests have fun and enjoy the camping evening. Our trained entertainment team provides plenty of different activities and events. Performances, sketches and shows bring you into a relaxing and exciting mood. Whoever wants, participate!

Of course there are the popular games and bingo nights, competitions, disco, live shows and performances by famous bands. Whether Irish Folk, Guitar sounds, Rock-, Blues- and Country and well-known songs, whether rocking, pop, jazz or ballades, oldies and current hits - the program of the committed groups is varied and great.

    Every Saturday during the season, the Havelberge restaurant offers live music with changing bands. If the weather is good the concert takes place on the open air stage, if not, the restaurant Havelberge turns into the show stage. The current overview of our events can be found on our Facebook page:

    This acts you can see in 2017:

    Child care

    Adventure holidays – Join the place where children's dreams come true and the great entertainment team take you on unforgettable journey...

    It´s Showtime

    Show´s 2017

    Our entertainment team is always looking for new shows. 2017 we can present the following shows:

    The three musketeers

    Clashing rapiers, fast action and thrilling songs alternate in our musical with many funny and emotional passages. In the middle of armed turmoil and sneaky intrigues, D'Artagnan and his friends with all their bravery must defend themselves against the enemies of France. According to their famous motto: One for All and All for One.

    Pocahontas - The Musical

    In our own way, our entertainment team tells the story of the brave chiefs of Pocahontas who is willing to risk everything and experience a lot of adventures.

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