CampsitesEight campsites in the Mecklenburg Lakeland

Campsites and holiday homes in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania in a gorgeous landscape, with outstanding camping pitches, caravans or holiday homes.

Every single Haveltourist-campsite is located at the very heart of the Mecklenburg Lakeland. And they offer suitable accommodations for every guest e.g. pitches, rental caravans, mobile homes our holiday houses.

Every campground is located close or even in the Müritz-Nationalpark and offers a perfect starting point for hikes or bike tours.



There are secluded sites where you can quietly enjoy nature and other sites with sports, action and happenings, with great shows, entertainment and full event programs.

You do watersports? Start your daily explorations with a boat, raft or canoe.

Like to travel by boat? 8 of the Haveltourist-campsites are reachable by waterways. 
Friends of naturism may choose between suitable sites.

Furthermore there a lot of free time activities for youngsters and adults. Join in!

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