Holidays at the Mecklenburg LakelandThe water rover`s paradise of Mecklenburg-West Pomernia

Holiday in the land of a thousand lakes

    The Mecklenburg Lakeland

    The area between the river Havel and the Müritz National Park is a true jewellery. The last Ice Age shaped this charming landscape with its forests, heathland and moors, little streams and crystal-clear lakes. With 117 square kilometres of water surface the Müritz is the second largest body of freshwater in Germany, nearly as large as the Bodensee.

    And definitely unique in Germany as a water sports area. Many of the lakes are joined by the Havel or by other streams and canals, allowing the boater to spend hours or days touring the waters. But there are plenty of opportunities too for sailors, surfers, water-skiers or sports fishermen on this special little patch of the world. And don't forget swimming in the lovely lakes or refreshing yourself on a bike tour or a hike.

    What vacation offers more than a camping holiday right here, so close to nature?

    The Müritz National Park

    Crystal-clear lakes surrounded by green, wide forests and moorland give the charm of the Müritz National Park. Close your eyes, listen to nature, breathe "nature flavor" and feel the warm summer wind on your skin.

    Here sea and fish eagles draw their circles in the blue sky and then suddenly fall down into the water of the lakes to hunt for fish - nature becomes an adventure. Kingfishers, fishers, cranes and wild geese can be found here in the wildness. Slowly paddling from one to the other of the 1,000 lakes, drifting from small currents and enjoying the full nature! Watch the beavers build their “castle” or observe how gracefully a stork with its slender legs strolls through the bank thicket and looks almost silently for frogs. More than 800 different plants, 260 birds, 880 butterflies and 1,500 beetle species have found their habitat in this unique landscape.

    The National Park occupies a large part of the Mecklenburg Lake District region. It is 332 square kilometer in size and the approx. 400 kilometer of hiking and biking trails turn into great discoveries. The trails are signposted and a variety of information points with employees of the protected area offer you an opportunity to explore and understand the national park. On guided tours, for example mushroom varieties and the flora and fauna of the Müritz National Park are brought to the attention of everyone.

    Let yourself be enchanted by this landscape!

    One of the most beautiful water courses in Germany

    Just arrive and off you go! Experience nature and have a lot of fun. Explore the beautiful landscape with us from the waterside.

    The Strelitzer Kleinseenplatte with its many lakes is connected by the Havel and other canals. This makes it to one of the best places for water hiking. Especially for this reason we provide a water map on the last page. Water hiking can be learned easily. For those who have little or no experience, we offer an approximately two hour practical canoe introduction. In this course you will learn the basic techniques of canoeing in a playful way and how you have to behave in an environmentally sensitive area.

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